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Find Your Actice Posted or Updated on 29 Jan 2024

As we continue into 2024, it’s important that we continue to focus on ourselves and look after our wellbeing. Mental health is becoming an important part of getting active because so many people use physical activity to make them feel happy and positive. When we move our bodies, we increase the production of happy hormones like serotonin which lifts our mood, concentration an improves sleep which all contribute to better mental wellbeing.

Time to Talk Day at the start of the month focuses on the theme of mental wellbeing by encourage people to find the time to start important conversations about mental health that we may have been avoiding or not have time for. As a way of encouraging activity and setting aside time for important conversations, why not take time to invite a friend round for a chat and some yoga or invite a work colleague to your group or class. Bear in mind that these opportunities shouldn’t be reserved for only one day of the year, these will be great throughout the year to check in with yours  others wellbeing!

Children’s Mental Health Week also commences at the start of the month, bringing attention to the importance of dedicating time for children to speak and learn about mental health and wellbeing. Young people should feel they have a choice to explore what works for them and not feel restricted in their options, there’s plenty to find out there! Once they find something that works for them they’ll experience the benefits much more!

Active Essex are encouraging schools to engage with Walk and Talk week which uses walking to get students talking and also enjoying the benefits of getting active outside in the fresh air. Taking time to walk and talk doesn’t have an age limit however, and everyone should enjoy the benefits of taking time outside to get active and open up. This could mean inviting an older neighbour out for half an hour of strolling and catching up. Something as simple as an invite on a walk can help someone feel noticed and also gives them time in the day to get active. Even a work colleague may benefit from a break from their desk to take a stroll and have a conversation. Taking a break away from the work environment can help us reconnect and refresh!

The benefits of taking time to walk and talk are endless, so give it a go!

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